Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another 5 minute arbit post

Now within 5 minutes of posting the previous "5 minute arbit post", I am feeling quite arbit again... so I thought why not one more, its good for my typing speed.

So I read this short story long long ago... It was by Isaac Asimov and I think its name was Jokester. So the crux of the story was that -

Isnt it strange that the jokes we go about telling each other so often are stuff we've read in some book or site or sms or told by friends/relatives/acquaintances etc. No one creates jokes, they are just passed on through human kind and each joke reaches millions of people, suffering translations, modifications and narration styles... and the same joke evokes responses ranging from hysteric laughting fits to plain disgust to "Kya sadela PJ sunaya tune!" Anyways, getting back to the story, it then goes on to suggest that jokes are actually programs planted into human minds by extra terrestrial species to check their responses... so like scientists provide stimuli to mice and guinea pigs, jokes are stimuli given by ETs to human minds as part of some complex study they might be doing on the human thought process!

Now I am pretty uncomfortable with this thought coz everytime I hear a joke, I cant help thinking that someone out there is judging me big time! So when I dont get a joke I still laugh, coz I dont want some weird ET in a white coat in a hi-tech lab on another planet ticking "Dumb" for me on his report card! And when I hear a really raunchy joke, I try not to laugh too hard or my phd ET observer might tick "Cheap" on the report card!

And then I got tired of this charade... I mean why should I alter my sense of humor coz some stupid ET is judging me a few million light years away... I thought of a better solution, and that was to negate Isaac Asimov's hypothesis...

So now on I am gonna make up my own jokes, stuff no one has told me, something which I have cooked up entirely. This would prove that humans do create jokes and hence that ET shit is all bull! So, behold... here's my opening creation (in keeping with the futbal mania) :

Q. What would you call Ronaldo if he seemed quite ignorant?
Answer: Ronald-dint-know!

Having read that (or having been subjected to my stimuli), you can have any of the following reactions:
Disgust (quite common as per my tests)
Only-God-Can-Help-You-Look (pretty common)
Laughter (if you are one of my engineering buddies)

Go ahead feel what u feel, and be releived that neither me nor some farway ET is gonna judge you! You are a free man with the freedom to choose which jokes you want to laugh on! I hereby liberate you from the shackles of laughter-slavery!

Go ahead son/daughter... pass on the word and glow in your new found liberty!

(Damn this shit took 12 minutes and my boss is gonna screw me and if you find that funny, you have a pathetic sense of humour... Oops did i just judge you!)


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