Friday, September 15, 2006

So Far So Good...

2 months in media... and I've loved every bit of it....

Some key insights about this job and the previous one (consulting):

Boss in consulting: This is a very critical project for us Ashish
Boss in media: Ashish, this shit is fuckin' big man!

Client in consulting: The deliverables were well achieved Mr. Biswas
Client in media (top film-maker): Sahi re... Ma c*** daali!

My 'to-do list' in consulting:
Decide SBU level variables for the Incentive system, decide weightages
Send mail to Ying Pee Lung on workforce strategy trends, attrition rates and sectoral performance of Indian Manufacturing Sector
Prepare proposal for Airport privatisation

My 'to-do list' in media:
Meet Sajid and prepare plan for 'Jaanemann'
Check with NDTV on DON promotion plan
Call Prax and figure out integration with Roadies 4

Events attended in Consulting:
Rick Payne workshop on International Position Evaluation methodology
Seminar on Key HR challenges in Asia
Workshop on: India v/s China: Imperatives and Impediments

Events attended in Media:
Premiere show of "My Super-ex girlfriend"
Special show of "Pya ke Side Effects"
Branded Entertainment Awards (will happen tomorrow)

All in all, this seems like much more fun! Thats not to say that consulting was a crap job, but it just wasnt for me!


Blogger Arkus Caesar said...

ma kassam Ash Bisu..jhakkkaas darling!!...ennjoi!!..and send us some invites for a couple of premieres too..

4:06 PM  

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