Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Am the latest clown in the Media Circus....

Wanted to write a long detailed post... however I realised that I have been meaning to post for a month now but was not gettin around to doin it. So the incentive came in the form of a couple of friends complaining about seeing the same shit on the blog... So here's the NEW SHIT!

17th July, 2006: I joined my new company. It is one of the 8 divisions of one of India's biggest media agencies. My company is into film marketing, In-film placements and Celebrity management. It was an entrepreneurial venture before being taken over. My profile is film marketing.

Correction... I think my profile is Film Marketing. Actually, a profile would mean a description of what I am supposed to do, which is absent in the case of my job... and I guess thats one of the things I like most about it. Everyday, me and my boss break our heads as to how we can do some 'keeda' between film-makers and media channels and make some money in the process. So on one day we decide that the channels should pay us... when the channels show us the finger, we shrug, move on and try and make the film-makers pay... so far its been a series of meetings trying to figure out what value we can add and explaining that to all these buggers!

Things I love about my new job:
- Its part of the media industry
- It has a lot of challenge and fresh thinking involved
- I can surf movie websites (and call it work!)
- I keep seeing people like Nagesh Kukunoor in my building (and sometimes Mithun too!)
- This job throws open so may possibilities in media
- It looks like I am doing pretty well here

Things I hate/dislike about my new job:
- The pay sucks... miss my consultant salary :(
- My colleagues are not too bright
- Am not too sure if I want to stick to Film Marketing long enuff... or move into production/creative
- No decent women here... so far (contrary to popular opinion about media)

Now back to work... but will be back soon with some funny stuff about this industry...

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