Friday, May 11, 2007

Last Hurrah in Corp-Land

11th May, 2007: Today is my last day at Madison Teamworks. I still remember my first day in this office on 17th July, 2006. It was my first day in the media industry. I had just quit a nice payin consulting job at Mercer and I was sure that I was finally on the road to achieving my destiny and success. But here I am starting a new journey... again... from scratch... my MBA batch mates have moved way ahead in their journey and I am yet to even start mine. My only solace - They are running the wrong race (an assumption I am so used to that now am sure it is true.)

Anyways, I will start taking part-time classes in TIME institute from Sunday... have to buy the XIC form also. Am already down to 3K in my bank a/c. And have the next 20 days of the month to go... ohh shit there's no salary comin at the end of this month! Need money for: Getting my root canal and Tooth extraction done, goin to Igatpuri for the Vipasana Course, eating, living, etc.

Anyways.. bring on the hard times, wats life if I havent seen some of it!!!

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