Friday, July 15, 2005


Its so surprising and disconcerting to see all my fellow MBAs around me so frustrated and fed up with their jobs... and this within less than 3 months of joining. All of us seem to have the same crib, the job is not fun! Its such an irony that we got into an MBA course thinking it would be our ticket to a great career and good times... but things on ground zero today couldnt have been father from what we had envisaged.

Infact come to think of it, things for some of us (the ones who crave freedom and creativity in work) are so bad, that we shudder to take stock of the situation and do something about it. How can I hate my job, how can I be so unsatisfied when a 1000 other people are envious of where I am in life today and would die to be in my place! Probably, there's a problem with me... I fail to see that I have a great job, a great career in front of me... And thats how each one us silences the rebellious acidic burps that set our stomachs on fire. Other methods include reminding ourselves not to take uncalculated risks, not thinking too romantically/wildly, of realising our obligations towards our families and their aspirations for us, etc etc.

So temporarily, we succeed to curb that urge which rises from the core of our heart and says: Dude this is not your destiny, this is not what you want to be doing for the rest of your life, this is not something you are enjoying, this is not what will make you feel that you had a life well-spent when you lie on your deathbed! And these urges curbed, you get back to work, and look forward to the weekend when you can spend your hard-earned money, meet up with a few friends and have some fun. Just enough recreation to recharge you enough for another 5 days of work!

And then just when you have returned to what the world around you perceives as 'normal', working quietly without thinking about the future and your aspirations, you happen to chat with a friend. One thing leads to another, you start discussing work.. and before you know it you end up telling each other how frustrating life has become and how you need to break free. Then you start discussing business ideas, real crazy ones and you are surprised at how good it feels at the mere thought of doing something as exciting! But the high doesnt last long, you get a client call at that opportune moment, in one flash you are back from la-la land to low-low land, i.e you cubicle!

So its back to work.. until the next discussion about life, aspirations, startups, etc. Thank God for cheap thrills!

Friday, July 08, 2005

The Great Indian Daaru Party - 1st July 2005

I catch the first day 7pm show of Sarkar and rush to Bandra to meet up with my dear Iconos (members of my engineering group ICONOCLASTS) Das and Arka who are waiting for me at Toto's. I enter at around 10.30 pm to see our dudes on Pitcher No. 1. Arka seems comfortably high and is repeatedly told by the bar owner NOT TO DANCE. I ask Arko to chill and he is like: "Arrey bahut dekhe hain isske jaise... Maa %@#@# dalenge! We order Picther No. 2 at this point.

At around 11 pm, my colleague Surbhi joins us. Arko, the babe magnet, doesnt waste time chatting her up and soon the two are on back-slapping terms. We find a place to sit finally. By now, I have given Das enough gyaan about how engineering was a waste of time and now he has these 2 years at NICMAR to make it in life. Soon enough two more colleagues Shweta and Aparna join us. By now Arko and Das are totally freaking out on Whisky and Tonic. Das is totally sloshed while the rest of us are really HAPPY!

Das keeps entering conversations with gems like:
What, you motherfaacker! OR
What Shit she talking? OR
Shaat Aaap! You are South Indian (to my colleague Aparna).

Its 1:30 am and the place has closed down almost. Das has been in the loo for half an hour now. I go and get him out. Boy is he drunk! And now we bright (and drunk) people decide its a good time to go to a disc and dance.

So we take rickshaws and reach Shooters in Bandra. the girls go in first and the bouncer stops us as he thinks he cant allow Das in as he is too drunk. The ever intrepid Arko, balancing a semi-conscious Das on his able shoulders decides to give the bouncer a piece of his mind and while he is doing so Das does the unthinkable...

He pukes full blast on the bouncer and arko! While Arko goes off to wash himself and his bag, I seat Das on the steps near the disc.

I break out into an uncontrollable fit of laughter (2 mugs of beer ka effect) at the sight that surrounds me: Das eyes closed muttering to himself "Main theek hu" , Arkos washing vomit off his bag, a highly perplexed and distressed bouncer, and two women inside the disc who dont have a clue about the mayhem outside.

By now, Arkos and me are back to our senses, so Arko calls KT and takes Das to his place, while I go into the disc, gather the women and drop them home. All in all, a night to remember for a long long time.



Thursday, July 07, 2005

Its my 4th straight non-productive day in office. Am just sitting in my cubicle waiting for some work to land in my lap but with all the bosses out of office, thats not happening today atleast. All I am doing is mailing assorted people and savoring their replies as if my life depended on it. I know these days will pass soon and again I would be slogging nights hoping for a few days when I have no work (just like today!).
And what better time to get a mail from a good friend who is doing his M.S + Phd (what else?) in the US. The dude send me a pic from Miami Beach which he visited yesterday so that I can sit and stare at it and curse my luck for being here.
But then I pity him in a way too. Coz he is living in a place which he certainly cant call home, he lives amongst strangers who shall never be his friends, his frame of acquaintances is limited to a few Indian students who go to the same college as him, no matter how much he might want to wish it away... he still remains a foreign student in America. I think thats a pathetic way to live life...
But that does not change the fact that I would still give my right arm to be on this beach... check it out!


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Why this blog?

So Bisu (my petname!), why are you doing this? Why are you starting a blog? Dont you have anything better to do? Thats it.... I dont have anything better to do... hence I am starting this blog so that I dont doze off to sleep in front of my laptop. Also, my colleagues are better off thinking that I am busier than them atleast.

Its been only 3 months into my first job and God it already feels like a lifetime. I wonder what job I would rather be doing... and I draw a blank. I think I dont wanna be working at all. Only if someone could pay me for doing nothing, I would be happy. If I were Osama, I would tell George Bush, "Dude, if you pay me 10% of the amount you spend over national security, I will do nothing." So, I guess one has to be a terrorist (of Osama's standing) to do nothing and still charge a hefty amount that people might gladly pay.

So until that happens, I guess I would be continuing as an HR consultant working 16 hours on days and on others posting arbit stuff like this on my blog. Happened to see a show on Discovery Travel and Living where the host travels to Mongolia, has rats for dinner with the locals, sleeps in their tents with their kids and goes to a huge field which has dinosaur fossils wherever you dig 12 inches or so. Now thats one job I would do without any pay, as long as they take care of basic food and clothing!

For now though, I would have to do with a measly 41.3 K in hand, lowly Van Heusen formals and my AC cubicle. Ciao until next time.

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