Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kahaani...yahaan se...FILMY hai!

The worst part about leaving your job is that u lose out totally on internet access. Just like brushing and potty every morning, it was almost second nature to get into office everyday, check my inbox and log onto the world wide web. But when u've quit, it suddenly dawns upon u that the WWW u took for granted all these years is suddenly out of bounds. Now to connect into the virtual have to go to a dingy cyber cafe, wait for 20 minutes (which I spend watching college kids send "Whats up babe/dude...wanna be my friend" scraps on Orkut), sweat profusely as you type out a nice detailed post and then pull your hair out as the system crashes at the opportune moment when you are gonna click "PUBLISH POST"...leaving you sweaty, frustrated and poorer by 20 bucks...

Apart from the lack of virtual connectivity...there are a lot of other things that also dawn upon u after u've quit. Like for instance, the fact that you wont have your salary in your bank account at the end of the month...

But lemme type out the vital dope first (even as I pray that the system here doesnt crash before I post this)

So after I quit on 11th May (which became 15th May eventually), I went off on a 10 day holiday to the Vipassana centre in Igatpuri. The prime motivation being a 10 day break from smoking. Was an awesome experience...but the thought of it leaves me reeling under tremedous guilt...since I promptly started smoking when I came back to Mumbai and secondly coz I just havent been able to practise the meditation technique learnt there.

After coming back, I started reading "Robert McKee's STORY" to understand how movie scripts are written. The game plan was to understand the basics of film-making before getting into the thick of things. Did some asking around about the Film & TV Production course at XIC and finally decided against spending 10 months doing a theoretical course. Decided to study film making at home by watching movies, reading books. Found a job with TIME Institute of Management Education as part-time English faculty. So was taking English lectures for MBA aspirants in the morning and was lazing at home for the rest of the day...

A month later, I found that I had become a sloth. So decided that this was not working out...and that it was time to find work as an Assistant Director.

Again Paulo Coelho Saheb's conspiracy theory played its part and within a day or two I was in a film director's office getting interviewed.

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